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About Us

Born out of a desire to work on my own terms -to be able to remain unconstrained by large company production requirements and related bureaucracy, and to provide honest, quality tree work- I formed DH Tree Service in the spring of 2021.

Who We Are

My name is Nick Hayward, I am originally from New England, but I spent nearly every summer here up until I moved here immediately after graduating from college. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from The University of Vermont, where I enjoyed backcountry skiing, kayaking, hiking, climbing, and trail running.

With my degree I had intended on becoming a consulting forester, however after a summer of hard work on a tree service in Stowe, Vermont, I became fairly obsessed with this niche industry and decided to pursue it again for the summer when I moved here. A little over three years later I am still doing tree work and loving every day!

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What We Do

After 3 years of working for a larger tree service and seeing how time constraints, multiple levels of communication, and differing opinions can hinder productivity and quality of service, I decided to branch off and start my own company. As the arborist in the field interacting with clients face to face I often felt that with such a large company the human element was lost and then the client was left with at best a neutral experience.

I think that DH Tree Service can provide a unique experience to our clients by taking the time to explain why we may be doing one thing and refusing to do another. With the extent of knowledge and experience we have I believe DH Tree can provide a superior service while still offering reasonable prices. 

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